Hi, Everyone! Salut Tout le Monde!

Our motto/slogan on this website says “Proud to be a LaCours/cière”.
Growing up I did not really know what that really meant. I knew it was a name that a lot of people had difficulties pronouncing. I can remember, when the names where being read to see who was present in class, that if there was a brief hesitation I knew that they were about to massacre my last name. So my conclusion was that it would be something that I would have to deal with all of my life and I have. It cracked me up to hear that at the first or one of the first LaCours/cière Reunion(s) that the attendees did not come up with the “official” pronunciation of our last name. That in itself makes our last name so unique even with the many pronunciations and spellings. I have even pronounced our last name differently at times….imagine that. (La Course See Air or La Course See A or Locker Shear or Look Who’s Here)

My name is Kevin LaCoursiere. I am a proud LaCours/cière for 57 years now. I live in Elverta California, a suburb of Sacramento, and have for the past 21 years.

I am a bit late in getting this introductory message to all of you because of the passing of my father O’Dean Abraham Joseph LaCoursiere. He lost his fight with cancer. We were very lucky to have a “Celebration of Life” gathering where family came from all over the United States and Canada that was hosted by my sister Amber. We all were able to enjoy dad and say our goodbyes. He will be missed.

On myself personally:

I am a manager building manufactured and modular homes in Northern California. I have been in and around this industry my whole life. My life passions include the Love of God, hunting (wild turkey, deer and elk), fishing and playing cards and games with family and friends. I really enjoy meeting new people and developing relationships.

I am very honored about even being considered for the position of president of this fine society. I look forward to working with the other board members in finding ways to help the LaCours/cière Society grow larger in size and closer as a family in the next few years. Let’s have some fun this year getting to know each other as family and as cousins starting today!

I look forward to serving each and every one of you.

Have a Wonderful Day!