The Wilfrid and Alma Lacoursière Family celebrated Christmas December 9th 2007 by launching the most precious gift of all….. their very own Family Story Book, entitled ” Keeping the Memories.”

This was the accomplishment of our dear departed sister Aldéa Lacoursière Levac. Aldéa was the historian of the family, who along with our brother Roger, the genealogy guru, worked diligently to put this family in touch with our past.

The beautiful story of the marriage of Wilfrid Lacoursière, born in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. August 20th 1894 and Alma Joanis born in Desaulniers, Ontario, Canada, May 13th 1898 — wedded in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, March 3rd 1919 …. and raised a family of 16 children — 10 girls and 6 boys.
However our sister passed away January 31st 2006, leaving the story and the book unfinished.

At a gathering of the sisters and brothers in January 2007, it was decided that it was up to us, to finish the story and the book. With the help of our niece Jeannette Polachok, (Aldéa’s daughter) we were able to work together and the precious book became a reality.

It is a great reading book, a story of a little bit about each of the siblings and a lot about a family of 16 children. A Family History… A Legacy to our descendants. It helped us all to understand our journey from the past to our future.

Please contact Annette at if you are interested in a copy.