This story is written by Crystal (LaCoursiere) Closson

The youngest daughter of the late O’Dean LaCoursiere from Albany, Oregon.

November 20th 1998, was my daughter 15th birthday. I had given Desire’ the wedding ring set from her father’s and my marriage, that had ended several years earlier. Desire’ wore the rings proudly. Several weeks passed, and Desire’ was taking a bath in our old claw foot tub. In the soapy suds the ring slipped from her finger, and when she pulled the plug, down went the water and the engagement ring too! The trap for the tub was under the house unbeknown to me. The ring was gone…crying and heart broken was Desire’ we just had to face that it was gone forever.

The first week in November 2002, I got my monthly sewer bill, there’s always a news letter with the bill that I never read, but for some odd reason I looked at it, and in the corner of the page was a purple box with a blurp that said “ Found Engagement Ring” call and identify! I was home on my lunch break, and thought what the heck, so I called and it was the ring!! In three years time the ring traveled 150 feet from my house to a man hole down the street that the District uses for training. The Kootenai / Ponderay Sewer District just happened to be jetting the man hole that day and saw a sparkle!!

I was in a hurry to get back to work from lunch. The gentleman that stop by my house to give me the ring, I remember telling him that it had been missing for 3 years. I think I was in shock !! I was kinda freaking out, and don’t even remember if I thanked him….I didn’t even remember what he looked like!! I was really fuzzy, so many things going through my mind….. and it was found 2 weeks before Desire’s 18th birthday!

I took the Ring to have it cleaned up, and went to the local News Paper to have a Kudos put in the paper thanking the Sewer Dist. For finding the Ring, and everything they went through to make sure the Ring was with rightful owner. The local news paper loved the story, and thought what a inspirational story for the Christmas Season, wanted to be there when I gave the Ring back to Desire’ for her 18th Birthday, I said no, but they were more then welcome to do the story. So they did!!

Spokane Wash. news KXLY read the story, and wanted to do the” inspirational ring story” on the 6:00 pm news for the Holiday but didn’t know how to get a hold of us, so they contacted the sewer district, and spoke with Tim the Operations Manager for the district. Tim stuck his business card in my door, with a message on back to call him. He also went to my neighbors house to see if he could find out where I worked.

While at work, I looked up and saw this MAN coming towards me…..his smile was so pure, and his eyes just sparkled at me….my heart skipped a beat, and I had this shit eatin’ grin on my face that wouldn‘t go away……he was beautiful!! As Tim told me about KXLY News wanting to do the ring story, with my shit eatin grin…..I just said okay!! As he walked away hummmm…….nice butt!!

So we were “ALL” on TV good story, and things got back to normal. Tim would come in the Hardware Store where I worked quite often, I would always say hi, but seemed I was always busy, and would have loved to chat with Tim. A couple of months went by, and a mutual friend of both Tim and I saw me in the store and was telling me of what a great guy Tim is, and of snowmobiling trips they did. I just got a new computer and was “trying” to get it all setup with email, and there was this little box that you could check, and I did!! That says just your email address comes across, but not your name!! I know I checked that box!! Tim was on my mind, I still had the business card he left on my door so I thought I’d send him a anonymous email saying………You were my Hero once, are you married?? Sign…just wondering.

The next day while at work, Tim comes walking up to me with this huge smile!! I said hi Tim….he said, well…. I said well what…..well did you get the answer to your email?? My mouth fell open, and just had to walk off…cracking up thinking, what a dumb shit, and how blonde I’am!! Of course that was in the morning, and I had to wait till my lunch to find out what he had emailed me!…longest morning ever!!

His email said…he was single, and was wondering the same thing about me!! (Tim had a drawer full of nuts & bolts, all the times he was in the store, hoping to see me!) But he was at the final end of his divorce, and was not one, crying in his milk! We emailed each other for a month or so, until when he asked me out on a date.

Tim took me to the Floating Restaurant in Hope, where we had a wonderful dinner of Halibut Cheeks & wine…..I knew at that moment, and so did he, that we would spend the rest of our lives together!!

The next morning I email Tim and Thanked him for what a lovely evening I had……with a Sweet Man…….. Sweet Cheeks……. and Sweet Wine!……….we dated for the best 13 month’s of both of our lives…….and Married May 3rd 2004

In the spring of 2008, Spokane KXLY News was looking for a romantic story for Valentines Day , my son Seth who lives in Spokane with his family, he heard this on his car radio,so Seth called the station and asked them if they remembered the Ring in the Sewer story??? They said yes…. Seth then told them, did you know that they ended up getting married??? So…….we were on the TV News one more time about……………….Our Love Story!


Tim & Crystal Closson