The origins of the Lacourc/sière family name.

By Jim Lacourcière

I will give you what I know or have heard and about the origins and we can run from there.
One possible idea is that the name originated from a descendant having horses and renting / selling them. If research is done it would show that a lot of the horses came over between 1616 and 1670.This is in the time frame of when our ancestor came over. Did some of the horses, by chance, come over with the Kings daughters which is also in this time frame 1663 to 1673?
Another view is that the name means a short cut between two places. ( How would you like “shortcut” for a nick name?) Another one is that it means a place that no one knows about or not very well known. (My thoughts on this if no one knows about it why have a word for it?)
Now here is one for you: This comes from the site below which is a French dictionary. It’s name is “Nicot,Thresor de la langue Francaise (1606)”. I tried to cut and paste the information into this site but it would not come along.
When I run the definition through a translation service it talks about boats and a mule. Maybe the first one that I have listed should be mules instead of horses?
One that was passed down in my family was that it meant courier of the king. This I got from my great aunt. Her reasoning was that “La” = meant the / “coursier” = meant messenger and “ere” designated royalty.