The following published by the BONAVISTA HERALD:



More on Nicolas Rivard, well known to genealogists of this country. “Nicolas Rivard’s great-grand-father Timothee 1457-1540 was a smuggler, pirate, and spy of the Crown. Had a fortune he was spending on horses at his La Courciere farm near Tourouvre. Nothing but the best grazing there. The nags thrived; mixes of heavy percherons with Arabian stock produced a smaller, prim breed. . . .

Timothee had a small fleet of fast ships with which he had established a Mail Run. A couple ran wine to Scotland, and got Whiskey back, others ran from Marseille and the Barbarian Coasts…With the larger boats he had moved quite a few horses to Bonavista while on mail deliveries to the Portuguees, Spaniards, and others who fished the Banks. Around 1470 he had built a few houses for his family and caretakers, and established a small shipyard with facilities for the crews..He’d go back to Tourouvre to winter every year,
leaving the horses to fence for themselves. And they did beautifully. Became slim, sturdy, fast… And his sons took over, did just about the same thing, and started selling the La Courciere breed. Spain was a good buyer, and the conquistadores of the coming years would do their conquerings from these horses back.. The next Rivard was there to meet the Caboto guy in 1497, and he wrote abundantly about the great accomplishment of discovering a New Land
. . .

Rivard and Cabot had met before, at Cadix and Livorno, and had exchanged plenty of sail-mail well preserved in the archives of Le ministère de la marine et des pêches de France. (folio quoted).This John Cabot was known by many names, originally he was called = Ti-Jean Caboteur (coast-seaman) Johny Capote, and others. He had arrived at Bonavista in a row-boat, begging for water, food, assistance for his crews and whatnot. He was utterly lost.

Rivard, also known as LaVigne – from the name of the Island at the time of the Vikings: Vinland – obliged. He fed and fattened the crowd and finally sent them off, telling Caboteur to report to his backers that he had discovered a vast New Land yonder; but to shut-up about the Rivards and the horsey colony. It worked. By then the Rivard-LaVignes had expanded south-east to what is now Bay de Verde (corruption of Baie des Rivard), founded all that is known now under the wive’s names, mostly fine Irish girls, and moved on up the St Lawrence River. When Champlain showed up at Tadoussac 1605, he found the establishment of the Sieur Chauvin (a Rivard in disguise).The year after, he – Champlain – bypassed Batiscan but never saw the LaCourcieres stables or dwellings…When he decided to build the ‘Habitation’ in 1608, he wanted to keep the credit to himself and never said anything about who provided the timbers, planks, hardware etc…The Rivards of Batiscan of course…”

Anybody knows about this????_______________________________________

Anyone, who has an interest in family and history, should read the following.

The following 5 paragraphs is a translation of a posting by Cousin Alain Garpeiy.
Thusly, this is a bilingual posting, because the original (in French) follows the first 5 paragraphs.

Something to have with us — summer of 2005.
Our ancestor, Francois Rivard dit Lacoursiere with his permit in hand, was a voyageur beginning in 1688.

[An Email from mother superior] PUBLICITY

04/01/2005 – 10h38 A téléréalité on the draft of the Canadian one in a hurry furs (PERCENT)

Nine persons will pass all the next summer in the open, will be nourished free and will travel through the country, to become the stars of the next novelty in the domain of the transmissions of téléréalité. They will be even paid, but … they will have to paddle the whole distance between Montréal and Winnipeg. The Productions Rivard, a business of which the offices are situated to Winnipeg, concocted a televised baptized new series Destination nor’ouest, that will do to relive the travel by dinghy to the era of the commerce of the fur.

Want us just that of the people of today relive this experience», explains Gabrielle Touchette, coordinator of the Productions Rivard, that co-produce the series with the Productions Charbonneau, of Ottawa.

Journey will unfold itself this summer. The participants — eight travelers and a guide — quitteront the canal Lachine to Montréal at the end of May, and if all is well, will arrive to The Pitchfork, to Winnipeg, at first of September. In all, they will cross 2500 kilometers while paddling, alongside the traverses historic of the draft of the furs.

The nine travelers will move themselves on board of a bark dinghy of birch and, for the essential one, will eat the same food, will carry the same clothing and will camp same manner that the travelers of the era,
underlines Ms Touchette.

All the team will be filmed then broadcasted in eight episodes of an hour on the waves of the network VAT and of TFO, the network Ontario television French-speaking.
04/01/2005 – 10h38
Une téléréalité sur la traite des fourrures
Presse Canadienne (PC)

Neuf personnes passeront tout l’été prochain en plein air, seront nourries gratuitement et voyageront à travers le pays, pour devenir les vedettes de la prochaine nouveauté dans le domaine des émissions
de téléréalité. Elles seront mêmes payées, mais… elles devront pagayer toute la distance entre Montréal et Winnipeg.
Les Productions Rivard, une entreprise dont les bureaux sont situés à Winnipeg, a concocté une nouvelle série télévisée baptisée Destination Nor’Ouest, qui fera revivre les voyages en canot à
l’époque du commerce de la fourrure.

«Nous voulons juste que des gens d’aujourd’hui revivent cette expérience», explique Gabrielle Touchette, coordonnatrice des Productions Rivard, qui coproduit la série avec les Productions Charbonneau, d’Ottawa.

Le périple se déroulera cet été. Les participants – huit voyageurs et un guide – quitteront le canal Lachine à Montréal à la fin de mai, et si tout va bien, arriveront à La Fourche, à Winnipeg, au début de Septembre. En tout, ils franchiront 2500 kilomètres en pagayant, le long du parcours historique de la traite des fourrures.

Les neuf voyageurs se déplaceront à bord d’un canot d’écorce de bouleau et, pour l’essentiel, mangeront la même nourriture, porteront les mêmes vêtements et camperont de la même façon que les voyageurs de l’époque, souligne Mme Touchette.

Toute l’équipée sera filmée puis diffusée en huit épisodes d’une heure sur les ondes du réseau TVA et de TFO, le réseau Ontarien de télévision francophone.

Alberta_Arthur Lacoursiere is asking for help because he has been running into deadends regarding his Brochu lineage.
His Lacoursiere lineage is as follows:

** Pierre Nicolas Rivard [1591-1651] & Jeanne Mullard [1597-1675]

** Nicolas Rivard sieur de la Vigne [1617-1701] & Catherine St-Père [1634 -1709]

** Francois Rivard dit Lacoursière [1659 -1726] & Marie-Madeleine Lepele dit Lahaye [1672 -1713]

** Pierre Joseph Rivard dit Lacoursière [1709 -1749] & Marie Louise Masson [1713 -?]

** Claude Joseph Rivard dit Lacoursière [1745 -1797] & Marie Félicitè Cadotte [?-?]

** Alexis Denis Lacoursière [1774 -?] & Rose Nicole Pichette [?-?]

** Pierre Lacoursière [1816-1883] & Marie Flavie Pichette [1824 -1896]

** Francois Xavier Lacoursiere[1849-1923] & Malvina Paquin [1858-1944]

** Joseph Francois Lacoursiere [1894-1965] & Doria Marie Dupont [1896-1982]

** Omer Arthur Lacoursiere [1915-??] &
Fredda Alvina Louise Schneider [1919-1999]

** Arthur John Lacoursiere [1944- ].

Arthur’s maternal great grandparents are Euchariste Julius & Louise (Toutant) Dupont.

Euchariste Dupont’s parents were Joseph & Marie Marguerite (Bolduc) Dupont.
(Arthur’s Bolduc connection.)
send any help to his email at

He wishes to trace his Bolduc lineage for the obvious genealogical reasons; but even moreso, because he recalls visiting with them when he was very young and would like to rekindle that relationship.

When Joseph & Lena (Peltier) Lacoursiere immigrated to Duluth Minnesota, Joseph was the first Lacoursiere, who was married, to immigrate from Quebec to Minnesota. They apparently decided to go west & be rich! The “rich” part I doubt, but they did own the Empire House at 380 Lake Avenue South, in Duluth Minnesota as early as 1899. In 1887/8, the Empire House’s proprietor was William Grant at 380 Lake Ave. S. As early as 1899, Joseph Lacoursiere owned the property. He was known as “Gros Joe” because he was about 350 pounds and 6 foot 6 inches. They had NO children.

This hotel was located on a point of land, which stuck out into Lake Superior from Duluth and is the beginning of a very long sand spit that is at least 10 miles long. Their hotel was a block or two west of the present vertical lift bridge. This unique bridge, which is one of only 2 in the United States and manufactured in France, is 100 years old.
Lena died 9 June 1903 in Duluth Minnesota.
* Lena was the proprietor of the Empire House hotel for a while, until she married Philip Englehart and subsequently it was in his name by 1910 as the Empire House.
In 1915 it continued to be in his name as the Empire Hotel.

The following Lacoursieres were also found to exist in Duluth:
* Arthur Lacoursiere; tmstr, Duluth C & R Co., b Wm J McMartin in 1900.
* Ferdinand Lacoursiere; moved to Ottawa Ont. 1899 & 1900.
* George Lacoursiere; moved to Ottawa Ont. 1899 & 1900.
* Joseph Lacoursiere; died Jan. 13, 1900, age 42.
* Laizm Lacoursiere; lab, b 380 Lake av S.
* The 1901 directory only lists “Olisine Lacoursiere” as if the rest of the Lacoursieres have flown the coop and left Duluth. Her name probably should be Olivine although it is Olisere in the 1899 census.

Sources were R. L. Polk’s Duluth City Directories by Arizona_Larry.
9.25.2004 is the web site of cousin Kateri (Teri) Dupuis. She has lots of French history stuff on her web site for you to check out. Go check it out by clicking on to her web site.

The French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of WI address is:

Good day Cousins

I woud like to share some information about our cousin Jacques Lacoursière, a renowned historian who hosts a history program called:
“J’ai souvenir encore”,( Still remenber), at Radio Canada (French channel) aired throughout Canada and America, each Sunday beween 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Montreal time.
If you are interested, it is a fantastic way to learn about our history.

Regards to all

Cousin Daniel Lacoursière
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Québec


Francois Rivard dit Lacoursiere married Marie Madeleine Lepelé dit Lahaye February 18th, 1697 at Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada
Their children were:
* Joseph 1.
*Jean Francois
*Joseph 11
* Marie Medeleine
* Robert
* Pierre Joseph
* Barbe Michelle
* Marie Francise
Francois married his second wife, Genevieve Chene dit Lagrave, April 1st 1717 at Batiscan, Quebec, Canada.
Their children were:
* Luc Antonie
* Jean Baptiste
* Louis Joseph
* Genevieve
* Marguerite
* Marie Francoise
* Benjamin

EDOUARD LACOURSIÈRE, along with his sons, provided barge service on the St. Lawrence River between Batiscan and Quebec city. He was married to Odile Leboeuf and Sophie Brunelle (not at the same time!) Both marriages were in Batiscan Quebec, and Edouard & Sophie died in Red Lake County Minnesota. He was also a farmer or, as they would say in old Quebec; “cultivateur”.

Recent discoveries —
** While searching for someone in the province of Quebec, Arizona_Larry discovered Rue Lacoursière in Berthierville Québec.
As a clarification for the non-French cousins, this is a street with our name on it.