Genealogy and Family History.
by Larry Lacoursière of Arizona.

The Gros Joe Lacoursiere Story

He was the son of Pierre & Marie Flavie (Pichette) Lacoursière, who had 12 siblings.
Joe was born in Louiseville, CTE Maskinongé Quebec Canada in 1845. He was christened at St.Antoine De La Rivière du Loup Church in Quebec.
Once he was a full grown man, he was refered to as Gros Joe, because he was 6 foot 6 inches tall and weighed 350 pounds.

Joe married Anna Peltier in Quebec Canada – about 1879. Anna apparently preferred to be called Lena, because that is what she was known by most of her adult life. She was born in Canada – March of 1857.
They were the first Lacoursiere married couple, that migrated to the west end of the Great Lakes.
Joe and Anna had 5 children, but but none survived.

During the 1850’s, the first settlers settled on the sandy isthmus where Anishinaabe (Objibwe) lived. This is the Minnesota Point extending east of downtown Duluth.

Their first endevour in the Duluth area was managing the St. Nicolas hotel in Duluth in 1882. It was on Lake Avenue near the canal.

In 1887 & 1888, the Empire House hotel, which was located at 380 Lake Avenue South, was owned by William Grant.

In 1889, Joe and Lena owned the Empire House hotel, which was located at 380 Lake Avenue South.

At least 3 homesteads were filed by Lacoursieres in the Duluth area. Of these 3, one (or 2?) may have been the same individual who owned the Empire House hotel in Duluth. No evidence of their following up with the usual homesteading routine has been found. A unique aspect of this area leads us to believe that the homesteads were abandoned, because it was common for people to file for homesteading and abandon them, because there was neither resources for mining nor lumber.

In 1898, a “Joseph Lacoursiere” homesteaded a quarter of land north of Duluth MN in the vicinity of Elbow Lake.
In 1899, a “Joseph Lacoursiere’ homesteaded a quarter of land north of Duluth MN in the vicinity of Greenwood Lake north of Grand Marais.
In 1870, there was a third homesteader in the Duluth area, who is also a mystery. He was Jeremiah Lacoursiere, and his location was between Carlton and Wrenshall.

In 1899, Joseph continued to be the propriator of the Empire House hotel.
Residents at the hotel , who were laborers, included:
Ferdinand Lacoursiere
George Lacoursiere
Olisere Lacoursiere

Joe died in Duluth Minnesota USA 13 January 1900.
In 1900, Lena was listed in Mr. Polk’s directory as a widow and the propriator of the Empire House hotel.
Laizm Lacoursiere, a laborer, was listed as a resident of the Empire House hotel.

Lena married Philip Anglahart in 1900 or 1901.

June 9th, 1903, which was suspected to be Anna’s (Lena) death date, appears to be incorrect. [Ray Miller] OR is it? Is the following data correct?
Celina Anglehart died 26 December 1931. Is Celina……. Anna or Lena?

1910 & 1915; “Englehart Philip Empire House” in the Polk directory.

1916; Englehart Philip laborer” listed in Polk directory.

1918; Listing is “Anglehart Philip r 380 Lake Av S” listed in Polk directory.

1920, 1922, 1923 & 1924; “Anglehart Phil boarding house 380 Lake av S” listed in Polk directory.

!925, 1926 & 1927; “Anglahert Philip furn rms 380 Lake AveS.” listed in Polk directory.

1928; Anglahert Philip Lodgings 380 Lake Av S” listed in Polk directory.

1929; Englahert Philip Lodgings 380 Lake av S” in Polk directory.

1930; “Englahert Philip (Tillie) Lodgings 380 Lake Av S” listed in Polk directory.

1931; Celina Anglehart died 26 December. (Death certificate# 1931-MN-026868)

1931 & 1932; “Anglahert Philip (Tillie) Lodgings 380 Lake ave.So. S h d” in Polk directory. Not listed under “hotels”.

1934; “380 Lake Ave. so. McKinnon John” listed in Polk directory.

1935; “380 Lake Ave so.” address NOT listed.

2004 / summer; The address is a parking lot!

Anna Peltier apparently chose to have names such as Lena and Celina, because she would have given her name correctly for she was fluent in English, French and Chippewa.

Mr. Aglahart’s name was spelled many ways: Englehart, Anglehart, Anglahert, Anglabert and Angrahert as well as Anglahart.
Gros’ Joe was also spelled Pepe Lecoursier.
* R. L. Polk’s “Duluth City Directory”.

(Bonny is a cousine-in-law via my great grandmother, Adeline Plante)

Bonjour Cousine_In_Law Bonny
A follow-on to what I was doing a few months ago:

Visit some cousins / Answer some questions.

We rendez-voused with some cousins that I had not talked to before. You know those cousins who you tell, “we must get together sometime.”, but “sometime” never comes!

Personal visits with brothers and sisters, which do not occur often enough. We used to……. what happened?!

We photographed everything we could think of:
* School mates of olde.
* Football mates of olde…….. if they would have showed up at he football reunion.
* The house, which my wife lived in, when they first moved to Oklee.
* The barn where I stole a kiss from my future wife.
* Family cemetery markers.
* Ye olde family house.
* Grain fields on our farm, as well as those in the vicinity of our farm. Cousin Dale Cote owns and farms the land, except for the 5 acres which includes the 100+ year old home of ours that Brother Charles is completely refurbishing.
* The school house, in which my mother taught.
* And of course, live family members.

Try this sometime; gather your pictures of which you have no idea who the people are. Visit someone, who may be able to help with the identification process and go through them one at a time. Write down everything you learn, even if you are not sure……… it may be a clue, if not a correct identification.

Example; I had a photo of a farmyard, and instantly a cousin said, “That IS your farm yard!”. I have been known to emulate John McInroe and say, “You can NOT be serious! The barn is in the wrong position”. “No, no” he says, That is the position of the first or second barn.” (There were 3 barns; the first one burned and the second was blown apart.) “Well, okay, maybe you are correct.”
Subsequently, I am reviewing these pictures with another family member, and we realize that the house is different enough that it is NOT our farmyard.
While reviewing my sister’s old photos along with mine, we discover that she has a very similar farmyard picture, but is not the same farmyard…….. it IS ours!
Subsequently, I show it to a 99 year old cousine, and she states, “That is the first barn, and my father built the replacement.” “My father” being Cousin Alvina Fischbach’s dad, George Charest sr.. Mrs. George Charest, who was Olivine Paquin, is my grandfather’s half sister. Olivine’s father, who was Pierre Paquin, died at an early age in Quebec.
Scribble it out on paper with a genealogical type diagram…….. you can figure it out.
Above all, visit some relatives and review some of those wonderful old photographs. How could you possibly go wrong?!

Genealogy and Family History.
by Larry Lacoursière of Arizona.
Our intense genealogical work has created family support that will enable any family member to endure most anything.

The name, Katrina, has all of a sudden taken on a different meaning for most people. For our family, one aspect has been family support.

Cousin Olga has lived in the Garden District of New Orleans for many years. This is in the mid-southern part of the city — 3 miles west of the Vieux Carré (“French Quarter” for you non-French persons). Her friends convinced her to escape while there was a chance, so she traveled with them in their car. They attempted to go East from New Orleans, but that is where Katrina had decided to go, so the authorities convinced them to go north to Meridian Mississippi. Upon arrival in Meridan, there was no room at the Inn, so they had to travel all the way to Atlanta Georgia which was in excess of 500 miles. With no hotels or motels available, they were forced to sleep in their car.
Olga’s niece, who lives in Virginia, rescued her; so now she is with family. With the help of some other family members in the Virginia area, Olga has nothing to worry about…… right? Wrong, she was forced to leave her home with nothing but one change of clothes. Think about that!
Another concern she has is a couple more cousins, who live north and east of the French Quarter. The longer one has to wait for any kind of information regarding such an event typically means the results will be more negative.

Another cousine, who is involved, is Sister Eveline Lacoursiere. She is a member of a cloistered group of nuns in Trois-Rivières Québec Canada. She may be in Quebec and grew up in Saskatchewan, but her grandparents homesteaded south of Oklee until her grandfather Philippe Arsene had the desire to die in the country he was born, so he moved his family to Delmas, Saskatchewan, Canada in April of 1919. He did die and was buried in his beloved Canada.
Sister Eveline Lacoursiere is assisting with special prayers for recovery from the devistation of Katrina. She celebrated her 50th anniversary as a member of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, a cloistered order (Soeur du Précieux Sang).

Another Cousin, whose life has been affected by Katrina is Cousin Chester, who lives in the center of Louisiana — Alexandria. He has been working excessive overtime to produce extra bread needed by the New Orleans evacuees.

One more, who I expected to be involved, but could not due to attending specialized school, is Allan Rivard who is with the 82nd Airborne. The 82nd was dispatched to the New Orleans area. Allen has been too busy to discuss much with me, but his mother, who lives in Seattle area, briefed me on what is going on.

Kathy Monahan was transferred from a department which handles internet problems such as scams, porography, viruses, etc. to FEMA. She has had experiences she could not have imagined.

Then there is Lyle, who some of you may recall when he grew up a couple miles south of Oklee. Due to his expertise with water management for the US Air Force, I suspected that he would be dispatched to the New Orleans area.

Cousine Marlyss, who lives in the panhandle of Florida and grew up in Argyle Minnesota, was the individual who alerted me to Cousine Olga’s situation in New Orleans.

We continue to pray for a couple more cousins who were in the New Orleans area, especially the one who lived in the Bayou St-John district which is between the French Quarter and Lake Pontchartrain.
Please join us with your prayers for those who have been so detrimently affected by Katrina and Rita.