DONAT LACOURSIERE middle bottom row, grandfather to Roy Lacoursiere

The top picture is of a band my grandfather, Donat Lacoursiere, was in in his village in Quebec, likely Princeville or Victoriaville. My grandfather, the band leader, is front and center with his trumpet. I’ve used this picture occasionally with friends to see if they could identify who in the picture was my ancestor. With the distinctive Lacoursiere appearance, including the nose, people often enough could select the right person as my grandfather. Well, besides the “look,” you can see that musical talent for the trumpet has existed in this part of the family.

Joanna Lacoursiere married to Roy Lacoursiere

The second picture is a recent one of Joanna Lacoursiere, obviously also a trumpet player. It was taken by a newspaper photographer who did a piece on this year’s Topeka Mexican Fiesta, where Joanna played in a mariachi band. Those of you who made the 2010 trip to France will recall that at the Canadian Normandy site she played “O Canada,” which we sang in English and in French.
You can see that Joanna also has that “Lacoursiere look.” But there is only one thing, she got her Lacoursiere name by marriage, to me! And unlike some members of this (sometimes perverse) family, I did not marry one of my Lacoursiere cousins! Honest. But her family name is Durrance, so maybe her ancestors came from the Durance River area of France, that river near that famous Pont d’Avignon. It could be that her family tried to hide this French connection by adding an “r” to their name, which makes it all the more conspicuous. With her “Lacoursiere look,” and musical trumpeting talent, maybe centuries ago one of our female ancestors got together with one of those extra pope fellows in Avignon and this led to a hush-hush line of other descents. You never know.

Gee, maybe I did marry one of my cousins. But at least she didn’t have a parent who was ever named Lacoursiere!

Well, this is my “Trumpeting Lacoursieres” story and I’m sticking to it.