By Roy Lacoursiere

There is strangeness in this family tree of ours,
How one trunk bifurcated in a time off in the stars,
When Nicolas’ son François had two sets of chil-dren,
But the details till now have been carefully hid-den.

It’s not possible to be sure, in the year 2-0-0-2,
To know how a second wife François did woo.
But as a descendent of the newer conjunction
I’ve done careful research without compunction.

Facts and rumors came down o’er the years,
For a tale that may bring some to tears.
But it’s time to address this family story,
Bring it to light, out from purgatory.

François’s first wife Madeleine was she,
Her wifely duties never neglected could they be.
As the years moved along faithful husband dear
Had a wife who brought him children and cheer.

But after a while his heart no longer did flutter,
Yearning for another there may have been a mutter.
But his wife so dear, brought him only cheer,
From her while she lived he wouldn’t steer.

He worked hard in the fields and out on the hunt,
Horses pulling out trees, that was quite a stunt!
Year in and year out faithfulness did he have
Even if by fate an opportunity he could grab.

One spring the curé hired a pretty young maid,
With duties of housekeeping for which she was paid.
This pretty Geneviève in the poor country church,
Put the heart of more than one man in a lurch.

François went to mass like never before,
Madeleine thought him holy, at church more and more.
With his new found zeal life had quite a glow,
Who knew where all of this virtue would go.

About the housekeeper’s skills the curé said not a peep,
But now sermons he delivered with blush in his cheek.
The parishioners found new life in their pastor,
A priest once thought ready for pasture.