Aimee Beaudion
Father is Maurice Beaudoin
Grandmother is Loraine LaCoursiere
Great Grandfather is Joe LaCoursiere

 Performance by a Female – Television

Aimee Beaudoin – “Caution: May Contain Nuts”

The website is I’m nominated for Best Female Performance in a Television Show on October, 2009 for Caution: May Contain Nuts.

I’m up against a bunch of fabulous women, including two from “This Hour has 22 Minutes“.  I’m so excited to go! Seth Rogan and Russell Peters will be there, both are nominated for Canadian Comedy Person of the Year.  The awards are in St. John New Brunswick.  I’m going with my momma.

Caution: May Contain Nuts is also nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Writing! The Gemini’s are in Calgary this year and I will be going to those with my then-to-be-husband.
Thanks again for your interest!


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Red Deer Advocate
Career gone nuts

By Lana Michelin – Red Deer Advocate

Published: July 23, 2009 9:52 AM
Caution: Aimée Beaudoin’s career is heating up.

The Central Alberta actress, who was recently seen in an Ignition Theatre production of Dreamland Saturday Nights, is now a co-star of the TV series Caution: May Contain Nuts, which is broadcast across Canada on APTN (the Aboriginal People’s Television Network).

And for creating a wide variety of outlandishly funny characters on the sketch comedy show — from a tarted up “cougar” to an overzealous real estate agent — Beaudoin has been nominated for a 2009 Canadian Comedy Award.

This is an unbelievable career boost for the exuberant blonde, who’s a contender in the same Best Female Performance category as This Hour Has 22 Minutes comedy veterans Cathy Jones and Jeri Hall.

“I jumped out of bed screaming and ran around when I found out,” admitted Beaudoin, who added “this is amazing for my career — for someone just starting out.”

She can’t wait to be flown to New Brunswick for the October award ceremony, which is usually aired on The Comedy Network, “so I can rub elbows with people.” The 25-year-old said she plans to take her supportive mom along for moral support.

While Beaudoin finished high school in Olds and has lately been living in Edmonton, she recently moved back in with her parents in Red Deer to prepare for her upcoming wedding to fellow actor Christoff Lundgren.

Both Beaudoin, who left Red Deer College in 2005 after completing the theatre studies and motion picture arts programs, and Lundgren will be familiar to Ignition Theatre audiences for their dual performances in Dreamland Saturday Nights and Lundgren’s turn in Red Light Winter.

But the actress, whose first name is pronounced the French way, ‘Ah-May,’ is also becoming known to TV audiences across the country for the caustic tart Lorraine, a reoccurring character on Caution: May Contain Nuts.

The chain-smoking woman-on-the make thinks she’s hot but she’s actually repellent, said a laughing Beaudoin, who gets smeared with so much makeup for the role that even her own mother didn’t recognize her.

Beaudoin also plays the alcoholic mom of a lippy son on the show, as well as a real estate woman who tries to solve two “problems” — immigration and global warming — by harnessing recent immigrants to a giant treadmill to power a condominium complex.

“I’m the show’s white, blond girl,” said Beaudoin, who believes Caution: May Contain Nuts derives much of it’s satirical, irreverent humour, reminiscent of Kids in the Hall, from the multicultural cast.

The other actors come from aboriginal, East Indian, Japanese, and Brazilian backgrounds.

More recently, Beaudoin was also “promoted” to be one of the show’s writers — which is a dream come true for the actress, who always hoped to balance her on-camera work with a behind-the-scenes writing career.

As the show’s only female writer, she said she’s had a “blast” clowning around with the boys to create sketches for the series that’s shot in Edmonton and is returning for a 14-episode second season.

Beaudoin recently created two new characters, Daisy and Rose — “They’re two female cops who are sent to interrogate prisoners. They get what they want out of them by using their female wiles,” she explained, with another giggle.

Caution: May Contain Nuts has been airing on APTN on Friday and Saturday nights.


Aimee Beaudoin – Performer
When she’s not bleaching her hair, Aimee Beaudoin keeps busy reading trashy magazines, sitting in awkward silence with her pet rabbit and clipping coupons.

Since graduating from the Red Deer College Theatre and Motion Picture Arts programs Aimee has landed roles on APTN’s “Mixed Blessings”, and NBC’s “Fear Itself”. She also starred in the vicious horror/comedy feature “Demento” and the acclaimed short horror films “Colony” and “Pitter Patter.” Aimee had the incredible opportunity to play Carol in David Mamet’s “Oleanna” with Ignition Theatre as well as the role of Billie/Bette Davis in Ignition Theatre and Shadow Theatre’s productions of “Dreamland Saturday Nights”.

She also has had a blast doing “Comedy Night in Canada” and “Pirates of the North Saskatchewan II” with Jubilations Dinner Theatre. Additionally, Aimee founded, produced, directed, and performed with No Bones Theatre who recently got rave reviews for their fringe production “The Acting! Hacting!! Schmacting!!! Revue.”

Aimee can’t believe the incredible opportunity she has to work with this amazing group of actors and producers and looks forward to many more laughs with them.


Funny girl’ fell into comedy
Actress writing for Edmonton sketch show

While it perhaps did not show a great deal of originality on the part of her classmates, it’s appropriate that Aimee Beaudoin quickly became known as the “funny girl” at Red Deer College.

Beaudoin may have initially set out to be a serious thespian in the theatre studies program, but quickly realized making people laugh was her thing.

“I realized in college that comedy was my strength,” says Beaudoin. “When I got out, I did a tour with Jubilations Dinner Theatre and did a comedy show with them. I’ve done a lot of theatre, but I haven’t done much drama. I mostly get hired for comedies.”

Beaudoin, 25, is a performer for Caution: May Contain Nuts, an Edmonton-shot sketch show that will be going into Season 2 on APTN in spring of 2010.

Her performance has been enough to win her a Canadian Comedy Award nomination for Best Female Performance in a Television Show. The awards will be held Oct. 1 to 4 in Saint John, N. B. Not bad for someone so new to TV.

Born in the small hamlet of Tomahawk, near Drayton Valley, Beaudoin got her first taste of comedy while attending high school in Olds. She was cast as the lead in a stage version of If A Man Answers.

She has signed on to be a full-time writer for Nuts when it returns to APTN, allowing her to bring creations such as Lorraine, a nicotine-addled and “really disgusting-looking” cougar who prowls the Alberta bars, and Daisy, a female cop who uses “womanly wiles” to interrogate criminals, to the small screen.

Among the 10-person multicultural writing staff, Beaudoin says she is the token “blond, white girl.”

Caution: May Contain Nuts grew out of the comedy troupe Blacklisted, which featured Canadian Idol contestant Sheldon Elter.

“I am the only female writer, so it’s quite an interesting experience for me,” she says.

“Guys think different things are funny than girls do. All the guys will be falling off their chairs laughing and I’ll be sitting there silently.

“And we’ll all come back to the table and think, ‘Is this just not funny to me.’ And sometimes there’s things that two of us will find funny and eight people won’t.

“Any idea we get, we write it. So the idea is that we have this huge amount of material and we cut half of it away.

“If we read it on the table and no one laughs, it basically gets thrown on the floor.

“It’s devastating sometimes, but you have to get a thick skin about.”

Which sounds an awful lot like the competitive, dog-eat-dog atmosphere of such sketch-show juggernauts as Saturday Night Live, SCTV and Kids in the Hall.

Beaudoin, who grew up watching those shows, is happy to be in that company.

“I’m hoping Caution: May Contain Nuts becomes the next SCTV so I don’t have to move,” she says.

“That would be ideal. And I think it will. It has a good chance.”