Bonjour Cousins!

I have a quandary; assuming our ancestors usually trekked on the north side of the Great Lakes. Could they have crossed at Sault Ste-Marie? On some kind of boat? On ice? Do you recall anything about our ancestors talking about their trek from Québec?

I have some evidence of family members traveling from the Trois Rivieres area to the Mont Laurier area (north of Ottawa Ontario) and they continued northwesterly to the Porcupine and Smooth Rock Falls areas. How do I know they passed through Mont Laurier? Because some of their family members were born there.
I continue to pursue the subject of our ancestry migration. Specifically, what was their route and what kind of “adventures” did they experience? For example, who did they travel with; for example, LaCourc/sière inlaws?

The following is an example of what I am looking for regarding the trek which our ancestors took from the Trois-Rivières Québec area including such areas as Batiscan and St. Ursule..

My gran’pa Adelore told me that he, his parents and his siblings walked from Chippewa Falls Wisconsin to McIntosh Minnesota in 1889 or 1890. (Northwestern Minnesota). They had a pair of oxen and an ox-cart which held all their worldly possessions. Gran’pa was 15 years old at the time.

There were two logical routes from Chippewa Falls to northwestern Minnesota at that time:

1 – One would have been through Duluth Minnesota, because Adelore’s Uncle Joseph and his wife, Anna Peltier, owned a hotel in eastern Duluth.

2 – Another route, which would have been longer, but safer, would have been straight west through Minneapolis / St-Paul to the well-traveled “ox-cart highway” to Winnipeg Canada which passed near the area where two of Gran’pa’s uncles and a couple half-cousins had already homesteaded.


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