Check out Caution: May Contain Nuts

My Daughter Aimee is in a new show on TV called Caution may Contain Nuts. This is a scene from one of the shows. It’s a sketch comedy filmed in Edmonton. Aimee is the blonde one. Aimee graduated from Red Deer College about 3 years ago where she took acting and motion picture arts. She made the Dean’s list which is top shelf. She just finished her second stint doing dinner theatre in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary(9 months total for each job). She will be filming another 6 episodes of “Caution,May Contain Nuts” this summer. She live with her mother in Red Deer, where she calls home. She is getting married in Puerto Vallarta on Nov. 2, 2009. By the way Claire’s daughter Camille and her husband Eric are the producers of the show.

-Best regards from Aimee’s Dad, Maurice Beaudion



Sorry for the spam, but the first air date for our show CAUTION: May Contain Nuts on APTN is coming up fast and we’re trying to create some viral buzz on it (and doing some shameless promotion) – because frankly, it’s hilarious and this show deserves an audience as cool as you! For those of you who aren’t aware, Eric and I produced this show along with two other producers (Jake Chapman and Chester Sit. We are really proud of this show and the creative team behind it (all incredibly talented Edmonton writers, actors, and crew) are amazing. Please see the airing details below.

Check out a few sketches from our pilot on Youtube (link below) and keep your eye out for other sketches as we go. My favourite is probably the Cougar Song. (The Lamp Sketch and Drinking and Driving PSA are also HILARIOUS!)

Also check out our fabulous trailer on !

Please pass this on to everyone you know! Keep Canadian comedy alive!

Who knows, we may have the next Mike Myers or Tina Fey on our show…